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We are
Blue Fielders

We are Field Service and Software Engineers who are always looking for an appropriate solution. We travel the world to work on various challenges and projects. With our pragmatic and open attitude, we work together to ensure that every client request leads to a successful outcome.

Blue Fielders entered the staffing market with the ambition to do things differently. With us, the employee is the focus! His/her career combined with a high degree of fun is what matters. We strive to do a little better every day to maximize our contribution to a Blue Fielder’s career and enjoyment!


Our services

Secondment flex

Deploy one of our experienced engineers to
project basis.

Secondment fixed

Quickly fill capacity shortage optimally for extended periods with option to hire.


For every challenge, we provide a top player or top team. Outsource the talent search.

Our jobs

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31 January 2024

“You develop professionally and certainly personally”

THIJS VAN TIEL "I am challenged to step out of my comfort zone and try new things." Field Service Engineer at Blue Fielders Thijs pushes his limit in Bucharest Thijs…
13 October 2023

“What could be more fun than being able to combine travel with work?”

JOS SCHELLINGERHOUDT "I prefer to be on the road as much as possible." Electrical Engineer at Blue Fielders Exploring the world Meet Jos Schellingerhoudt, a laid-back techie with nearly a…
Blue Fielders News
5 September 2023

Self-hiring or secondment?

Hire yourself or opt for secondment? Imagine this: you work in a thriving tech company that is constantly innovating. The world of technology, fascinating and always changing, offers you unlimited…