Two matters are of crucial importance in achieving top performance in field service & maintenance engineering. First, you need 100% dedication to your profession. And secondly, you need to dispose of an excellent team, who possess both intrinsic and communicative qualities.

Pleased to meet you, we are Blue Fielders!

Best in class field engineers

Blue Fielders is an ambitious crew with many years of experience. We aim to be ‘best in class’ when it comes to resolving international challenges in technical machine building, maintenance and service for leading clients. So if you are a client with this kind of work, what’s to stop you trying us? And if you are a talented team player, what’s to stop you showing us you are a true Blue Fielder!

The field service & maintenance engineers at Blue Fielders are internationally sought after. They are highly qualified and dispose of valuable experience. But what is it that allows our people to deliver top performance in the field of engineering? They also have the right soft skills. Blue Fielders are good communicators, versed in several languages and they embrace their responsibilities. They ensure that the work gets done, within the agreed parameters. Which is why we can say: We get the job done!

A truly talented team

Blue Fielders is not just a collection of highly qualified professionals. Blue Fielders is a close knit team of top technical talents, who want to make a difference for their clients. Team spirit is something we take very seriously at Blue Fielders. As a candidate, we offer you a solid home base, with colleagues you can always depend on. This team spirit, an added value of significance at Blue Fielders, also benefits you as a client.

The installation, commissioning, service and maintenance of complex machines and systems worldwide is the enervating playing field in which Blue Fielders operate. Wherever in the world your clients or projects take place, our field service engineers will get to work for you. Blue Fielders work for international clients in (high-tech) machine building & industry. We supply talented individuals with a background in Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechatronics and Industrial Automation. 

The perfect answer to your project requirements

We are extremely specialised and have extensive experience in field service engineering. Above all, we maintain an intensive relationship with our people. This allows us to quickly fulfil your project requirements. However complex or large-scale, we supply one of our top individuals or an entire team. Even if you only require a single Blue Fielder, you will experience the added value of an entire team. Blue Fielders have strong mutual ties, and make clever use of each other’s knowledge when necessary.

Our promise to the market is not to be sniffed at. We realise our clients’ ambitions, however complex or large-scale they are. Words we transform into actions. This means that we set the bar high for our field service engineers. As a Blue Fielder, you are among the best in your profession, you have the necessary experience and you are open to continually learning new skills. You don’t just excel intrinsically, but you communicate and have the attitude of a true professional. 

Consider it done!

In brief, we expect a lot from you before you can consider yourself a true Blue Fielder. But you will be more than compensated for your efforts. A well-above-average wage, in which a share of project results is always open for discussion. Challenging projects from renowned clients in every corner of the world. A team of professional colleagues you can depend on. Good training opportunities. We put this all in place for you!


Alongside, you will find a list of the current challenges we would like to tackle with talented individuals. Interested to learn more and up to the task? Please contact us!

Top vacancies

- Test Engineer
- Field service engineer
- Install engineer
- Equipment engineer
- Commissioning engineer
- Site supervisor

Are you a trouper with an impressive CV and on the look-out for a new team? Then we would like to get around the table with you. Please email your CV to us. Your personality is equally important to us. So we are keen to speak to you in person. 

If you are a (potential) client with an interesting challenge, please call or email Blue Fielders. We are always happy to visit you to discuss the details and find the best approach to your project requirements.

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